USMLE Step 3 Prep Course: Live and Online Classes

Achieve success on your USMLE Step 3 exam with Platinum USMLE, the leading provider of comprehensive and interactive live and online prep courses. With a success rate of 99% and over 25,000 passing AMG/IMG students, our USMLE Step 3 review course is designed to elevate your medical career by helping you score higher and become a proficient clinician.

Master USMLE Step 3 with Expert Guidance

Tailored Approach for Comprehensive Mastery

Our USMLE Step 3 prep course is uniquely designed to address the complexities of the final USMLE exam, focusing on both the Multiple Choice Exam and the Computer-based Case Simulations (CCS). Our program is tailored by experienced physicians to enhance your decision-making skills, clinical knowledge, and patient management capabilities.

Exclusive Course Features

  • Interactive Live and Online Classes: Catering to students globally, including those from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
  • High Success Rate: With a 99% success rate, our course is proven to guide students towards achieving their best possible scores.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: Covering all aspects of the USMLE Step 3, including MCQs and CCS, with detailed strategies for success.

Dates and Pricing for Our Prep Course

Elevate your preparation with our expertly designed USMLE Step 3 courses, available both online and in person. Enjoy exclusive promotional offers, including a 50% discount on all courses and complimentary room accommodations for live session attendees.

USMLE Step 3 Course Overview

Our program provides an in-depth review of essential medical knowledge and skills required for the USMLE Step 3, focusing on Foundations of Independent Practice (FIP) and Advanced Clinical Medicine (ACM). Our curriculum is designed to ensure you are well-prepared for both the MCQs and the CCS portions of the exam.

Program Highlights

  • Flexible Scheduling: With new classes starting every Monday, our course offers flexible start and end dates to fit your preparation timeline.
  • Extensive MCQ and CCS Prep: Including comprehensive NBME practice exams and question-based reviews to cover the most tested materials.
  • Interactive Learning: Through virtual classrooms, engage in our LIVE INTERACTIVE USMLE Step 3 sessions for a dynamic review experience.

Engage with Our Flexible Online and Live Workshops

  • Global Accessibility: Whether you’re in New York, Chicago, Toronto, or anywhere around the globe, our online platform brings our classroom to you.
  • Hands-On Practice: Our course focuses on the Primum® CCS software and includes detailed tutorials and practice sessions to master the exam interface.

Achieve Excellence in USMLE Step 3

Our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and practical skills, preparing students to confidently tackle complex clinical scenarios. From pediatrics to dermatology and beyond, our program ensures comprehensive coverage of high-yield topics and essential medical principles.

Why Choose Platinum USMLE Review?

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from USMLE-experienced teachers and doctors who provide valuable insights and strategies for exam success.
  • Comprehensive Study Materials: Including detailed notes, diagrams, tables, and flashcards for a quick review of major concepts.
  • Advanced Preparation Tools: Utilize our organized videos and practice sessions to familiarize yourself with the Primum Computer-Based Case Simulation software.

USMLE Step 3 Prep Course: Your Pathway to Success

With Platinum USMLE, you’re not just preparing for an exam; you’re setting the foundation for a successful medical career. Our holistic approach ensures not only exam readiness but also a deep understanding and application of medical knowledge essential for independent medical practice.

Join us at Platinum USMLE for a premier learning experience that equips you for success on the USMLE Step 3 and beyond. Secure your future in medicine with our industry-leading preparation courses. Register today and take the first step towards achieving your medical licensure with confidence.

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