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At Platinum USMLE, we understand the complexities and challenges of mastering the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE exams. Our leading review program in the United States is designed to transform daunting challenges into achievable milestones. Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere around the globe, our comprehensive resources and flexible learning platforms are tailored to support your journey to success.

Elevate Your Clinical Skills and Knowledge

Our COMLEX Level 2 courses are the bridge between foundational medical knowledge and the advanced clinical reasoning required for effective patient management. We equip you with the skills and understanding needed to excel in both the Cognitive Evaluation (CE) and Performance Evaluation (PE) components of the exam.

Course Highlights

Live and Online Learning Options

Choose from immersive live classes or convenient online learning to suit your study style and location. Our courses are designed to provide a personalized study experience, ensuring you are fully prepared for the COMLEX Level 2 exams.

Exclusive Course Features

  • Complimentary Demo Session: Experience our preparation strategies first-hand and make an informed decision about your COMLEX Level 2 journey.
  • Promotional Offer: For a limited time, enjoy a significant discount on all COMLEX Level 2 courses, providing unmatched value in your exam preparation.
  • Benefits for Live Attendees: Focus solely on your studies with complimentary lodging accommodations for live session participants.

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Secure your spot in our 2024 COMLEX Level 2 Prep Course, tailored to every osteopathic medical student’s needs. Choose between engaging live classes and the flexibility of online learning for a comprehensive and adaptable educational journey.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our GoldUSMLE COMLEX Level 2 Prep Course is carefully designed to cover all essential aspects necessary for mastering the COMLEX Level 2 CE and PE exams.

Key Subjects Covered:

  • Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP)
  • Clinical Science Review
  • Pathology and Pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Behavioral Science, Ethics, and Medical Jurisprudence
  • Public Health, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology

Unparalleled Exam Preparation

Our multifaceted approach integrates full-length practice exams, personalized study plans, and dedicated tutoring to ensure a comprehensive understanding and application of the required knowledge and skills.

What Sets Us Apart?

Platinum USMLE distinguishes itself with adaptive learning technology, expert instructors, and comprehensive content coverage. Our high-fidelity practice questions and personalized support ensure our students not only pass but excel in their exams.
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Rapid Course for Global Students

Our COMLEX Level 2 Rapid Course offers an accelerated preparation option for students worldwide, combining efficiency with our high-quality education standards.

FAQs: Your Guide to COMLEX Level 2 Success

What is a good COMLEX Level 2 score?

Aim for above 500 to stand out to residency programs. Scores above 600 are considered excellent.

How long is COMLEX Level 2?

The CE exam is an 8-hour test completed in one day, and the PE duration varies based on patient encounters.

How many questions are on COMLEX Level 2?

The CE exam consists of approximately 352 multiple-choice questions, testing a broad range of medical knowledge.

How to study for COMLEX Level 2?

Adopt a comprehensive study approach, utilizing question banks, core rotation reviews, and dedicated prep courses.

When do you take COMLEX Level 2?

Typically after the third year or early in the fourth year, following completion of core clinical clerkships.

How to prepare for COMLEX Level 2?

Incorporate review courses, question banks, practice exams, and tailored study plans focusing on weak areas.

How long is COMLEX Level 2 PE?

The PE exam lasts approximately 7 hours, including patient encounters and break times.

When are COMLEX Level 2 scores released?

Scores are typically available within 8-10 weeks post-exam on the NBOME website.

When to take COMLEX Level 2?

Best taken after completing core clinical clerkships in the third or early fourth year of medical school.