Residency Interview Training and Preparation Course

Residency Clinical Case Scenarios

Platinum USMLE is excited to introduce our 2024 Residency Clinical Case Scenario Interview Prep sessions. These new offerings include Situational Judgement Questions across 6 to 25+ hours of intensive training. Our innovative practice sessions are designed to prepare you with high-yield residency interview questions and clinical case scenarios, ensuring you stand out during your residency interviews.

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Option A: 6 Hours of Online Residency Interview Training

Special Price: $799 (Reduced from $999)

Option B: 12 Hours of Online Residency Interview Training

Special Price: $1299 (Reduced from $2599)

Option C: 18 Hours of Online Residency Interview Training

Special Price: $1699 (Reduced from $3299)

Option D: 20 Hours of Online Residency Interview Training

Special Price: $1799 (Reduced from $3599)

Option E: 25 Hours Deluxe Online Residency Interview Training

Special Price: $2099 (Reduced from $3199)

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Residency Program Selection: Assistance and Preparation

Our team, including experienced medical professionals with personal connections to various U.S. programs, offers program selection and CV preparation guidance. Benefit from our insights into applying to residency and navigating the Match process. For an in-depth exploration, consider our supplementary guide, “Strolling Through the Match,” which complements the NRMP and ERAS’s resources.

Application Process Guidance

Ensuring Smooth Communication: Ensure your email remains active throughout the Match process. The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) necessitates a functional email for registration, highlighting the importance of reliable communication.

Navigating ERAS and NRMP: Acquaint yourself thoroughly with the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and NRMP websites. Utilize their timelines for a structured approach to your residency application and Match. Visit the ERAS website at for more details.

Strategizing Your ERAS Application: Develop a personalized strategy for your ERAS application. Start early to input initial information, allowing ample time for necessary revisions.

Understanding the MSPE: Familiarize yourself with the process for obtaining your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), a crucial component in your application. Engage with your dean’s office early to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your MSPE. Confirm that your accomplishments, including awards and extracurricular activities, are accurately reflected.

Residency Program Deadlines: Be aware of and adhere to the application deadlines for your chosen residency programs. Mark the earliest deadlines prominently to avoid any last-minute rush.

Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Actively request LORs during your clinical rotations. Directly inquire with your preceptors or attending physicians about their willingness to positively endorse your clinical and decision-making skills.

Aim to finalize your LOR requests by September 15. This gives your recommenders time to reflect on your performance and submit a comprehensive letter before fall application deadlines.

CV and Personal Statement

Allocate significant time for drafting your personal statement. Reflect on pivotal moments and decisions that directed you towards a medical career. Consider what distinguishes you personally and professionally.

Your personal statement is your narrative. It’s an opportunity to share your journey into medicine, your strengths, and what you bring to the residency program. Use it wisely to make a memorable impression.

Platinum USMLE supports you every step of the way, from application tips to interview prep, to ensure you’re fully prepared for the Match.

Residency Interview Tips: Preparing for Success

Securing a spot in a residency program hinges significantly on your interview performance. Here are pivotal strategies to help you navigate first interviews confidently and make a lasting impression on residency programs.

Understanding Interview Scheduling

Familiarize yourself with how residency programs schedule interviews. While the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) offers tools for interview invitations, it’s beneficial to research each program’s specific scheduling preferences.

Approach Interviews as Professional Engagements

Residency interviews are similar to job interviews. Programs are searching for future colleagues who are competent in clinical care and can effectively fulfill their duties. You’ll be assessed on your potential to contribute to the educational, patient care, and learning environment.

Engage in Practice Interviews

Participating in practice interviews can significantly enhance your comfort and eloquence during the real thing, reducing nerves and boosting confidence.

Anticipate and Prepare for Difficult Questions

Prepare for questions that provoke thought, revealing your depth, adaptability, and insight.

Demonstrate Curiosity Through Questions

Asking insightful questions about the program indicates a genuine interest and a thoughtful evaluation on your part.

Utilize the Visit to Learn More

Engage with faculty, residents, and staff beyond the interviewers. Gaining perspectives from potential colleagues and observing the facilities can provide a fuller picture of the program.

Stay True to Yourself

Remember, the goal of the interview is not to intimidate but to understand you—your motivations for pursuing medicine, your patient care philosophy, and your professional aspirations. Being yourself is key to a genuine interaction.

Secure Your Residency Spot: Exclusive Online Interview Prep Classes

Option A: 6-Hour Online Residency Interview Prep

Special Offer: $799 (Reduced from $999)

Option B: 12-Hour Online Residency Interview Prep

Special Offer: $1299 (Reduced from $2599)

Option C: 18-Hour Online Residency Interview Prep

Special Offer: $1699 (Reduced from $3299)

Option D: 20-Hour Online Residency Interview Prep

Special Offer: $1799 (Reduced from $3599)

Option E: Deluxe 25-Hour Online Residency Interview Prep

Special Offer: $2099 (Reduced from $3199)